Speaking about dilemmas and solutions and benefits and drawbacks

Speaking About Issues

I’m usually asked ‘How can I respond to questions about dilemmas and solutions, or concerns where we have to state or perhaps a benefits outweigh the drawbacks?” The concerns I’m asked frequently concentrate on numbers: ”How many paragraphs should compose? Could I come up with just one single benefit plus one drawback?”

For those who have read my free guide, The Key to IELTS triumph , you will understand that:

1) centering on figures just isn’t a good clear idea, and

2) there isn’t any way that is special respond to any question ‘type’ – most of the IELTS writing task 2 concerns are marked based on the exact exact same requirements.

This means you need to constantly

  • Address all areas of the duty
  • React to the question with appropriate tips which can be extended and well supported, and
  • Present a clear place throughout.

We understand this as the Task reaction requirements for bands 7 to 9 reveal this.

Through the requirements for Coherence and cohesion, we also realize that you have to organise your opinions into logical paragraphs which means your argument progresses in a rational method.

Therefore, in case the concern presents a concern after which asks you to definitely talk about issues and solutions, then you’ll definitely need certainly to 1) discuss any dilemmas you’ll recognize and 2) suggest approaches to these.

The way in which you are presented custom writing with in the question and your own personal feelings and response to that issue that you organise your opinions will always be determined by the problem.

You might choose

  1. Introduce the subject together with problem
  2. Talk about the problems that are main
  3. Talk about the possible approaches to these issues
  4. Reach a summary in regards to the dilemmas and solutions.

Or, that it is better to if you are a more confident writer, you may decide

  1. Introduce the subject and also the issue
  2. Discuss a nagging issue and a remedy compared to that issue
  3. Discuss an additional issue and a solution that is possible
  4. Reach a summary concerning the nagging dilemmas additionally the solutions.

There’s absolutely no solitary way that is correct answer.

Likewise, if you’re provided a problem after which asked ‘ perform some benefits outweigh the drawbacks?’ , you can organise your essay similar to this:

  1. Introduce the subject as well as the problem
  2. Talk about the benefits
  3. Discuss the drawbacks
  4. Reach a summary about whether or not the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Instead, you might choose talk about the drawbacks first. The only thing that things is that your

  • Think about what you shall compose
  • Present your ideas in a real way this is certainly rational ( and therefore)
  • makes your role clear.

just just What do we suggest by ‘the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?’

This concern merely asks you to definitely give consideration to and discuss both the good plus the negative edges of a problem, decide which ‘side’ then you imagine is more essential. Or in other words, to determine whether you might be willing to accept the drawbacks since the benefits are incredibly great. an excellent instance is inexpensive airline travel – this is often uncomfortable, however, many folks are ready to accept this for the greater advantageous asset of traveling very long distances quickly and fairly inexpensively. Therefore, for many individuals, the benefits of inexpensive airline travel outweigh the drawbacks. But, other people may disagree. They could feel very worried about the impact that is environmental of travel and thus, for those individuals, the drawbacks outweigh advantages.

Whenever you are describing a situation which you genuinely hold, and that’s centered on your personal experience, it really is much simpler presenting a rational argument. Dilemmas can happen when individuals try not to stop to take into account their place and compose only to finish the duty while focusing just on ‘how many >argument is certainly not rational and thus their position and their conclusions are not yet determined.

For instance, one essay delivered to me personally by way of a follower of my web page determined that some great benefits of sharing research that is scientific outweighed the drawbacks. The advantage that is main identified had been that having access to information meant he could advise more youthful people of their family members which help them to produce profession alternatives. Then he explained the main drawback: that a nuclear catastrophe had nearly happened near their house as a result of information being shared negligently. I am certain it is possible to that is amazing their paragraph in regards to the nuclear catastrophe revealed that the drawbacks had been in reality terrible, along with his paragraph concerning the benefits had not been clear or persuasive.

We suspect that this journalist had not necessarily seriously considered the matter and therefore he previously just written ‘I think the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks’ in his introduction and summary because this had been a template he had discovered.

Find out about composing a ‘balanced’ essay talking about both edges in this kind of essay: composing a countertop argument

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